EG Presents 53: Achievement Unlocked - Year One

Achievement EG.jpeg

Achievement Unlocked: Year One complete! This episode of Emergent Gamer Podcast is a celebration of the one year anniversary.  Locke, Carrot, and Trip visit the Fireside studio and are joined by Mr. Maurer in the celebration.  The guys dive right into all of the breaking news such as PS4 selling over 30 million units, Battlefront DLC announced, RainbowSix: Siege has hit some delays, Dying Light is increasing some pricing, Destiny News (Again), One of Felix's favorite games is being converted to a table top, Japan getting a Wii U exclusive, and much more.  After the news the guys dive into a discussion about Couch Co-op.  Does it still have life left or should we all just say goodbye? Follow Felix Hergood, Locke, and Trip Zero on Twitter.