EG Presents 67: Baby Huey Presenting Shaped Like a Trapezoid

In Kung Fu Gripped episode 67, we experience the Johnson Administration. Our featured guest is Baby Huey from Fireside! We talk his obsession and knowledge base of toys and specifically Square Enix's involvement in the toy industry. We finally talk sports games to Carrot's pleasure. We talk NBA 2K, Madden, NHL games and FIFA. Also, Uncharted 4 news, Nintendo NX could be this year and Fallout 4 details about the Survival mode DLC. Please like the Emergent Gamer Podcast on Facebook. Follow EG on twitter @emergent_gamer. Follow Locke @locke_key, Carrot @theurbancarrot, Trip @tripzer0 and Felix @felixhergood. Send the show any feedback or topic suggestions to