EG Presents 136: Sorry to Take You Away from Defenders. Not Sorry.

Defenders EG.jpg

Seriously though. In disseminated episode 136, The Defenders is available on Netflix. Have you watched it yet? Nevermind. Have you even watched Daredevil? Jessica Jones? Luke Cage? Iron Fist? This is not a joke. This is a test. Please take it serious because every one of the Defenders are awesome. We appreciate that you're listening to us. Listen to our awesome discussion about Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice and then binge every episode of every Marvel Netflix Television show otherwise you're doing it wrong. We also deliver some gaming news and our guest host is Snax the Cat. Follow EG on Twitch, Twitter and Instagram. Follow Neo, Felix, Locke and Trip on Twitch. Follow Neo, Felix, Locke and Trip on Mixer. Sub Felix on Youtube