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EG Presents 146: Smacking Our Guest's Nuts on the Table

EG DiamondJab.jpg

In communal episode 146, we reach out to our local community and invite Diamond Jab of GSM Podcast to join us. It's a long one folks, so strap in. We talk Super Mario Odyssey, live streaming, podcasting, microtransactions in Star Wars Battlefront 2 and more. 


EG Presents 73: Tell Me When You're in Your Sh!#%y Cut Scene

In server based episode 73, everyone gives their different experiences using the new chat server Discord. Our podcast network has grown and all our members are now streaming regularly. The next step had to be a chat server. Also, GTA Online reaches a half a billion, someone already finished Tom Clancy's the Division Incursion, and we have a lot of Patch/DLC news this week. Please follow Locke, Felix, Carrot and Trip on Twitch. Follow Locke, Felix, Carrot and Trip on Twitter. Subscribe to Felix on Youtube. Like the Emergent Gamer Podcast on Facebook. Please follow the entire network on Soundcloud.

EG Presents 72: We're John F@#&IN Stamos!

In socially gathered episode 72, Kevin Oats joins us for a Miitomo discussion. Also, we talk hating April Fools Day, HTC Vive reviews, Eve Online biggest battle, and Playstation firmware 3.50 update. Please like the Emergent Gamer Podcast here. Follow Emergent Gamer Twitter here. Follow Carrot, Felix, Trip and Locke at these links. Click on these links to follow each Twitch page for Felix, Locke, Trip and Carrot. Please subscribe to Felix on Youtube. Please follow the Emergent Gamer Podcast on Soundcloud here.

EG Presents 70: No Really It's Just a Switch. I Got the Button Right Here

In crossplayed episode 70, we don't hold a discussion and instead just deliver the news. Highlights include: Microsoft revokes the concept of digital trade-ins, Witcher 3 wins some major awards/Cyberpunk gets official tease, and there could be a PS4.5 coming down the pike. Like The Emergent Gamer Podcast on Facebook and follow us on Twitter. Follow Locke, Trip, Felix and Carrot on Twitter. Subscribe to Felix's Youtube.

EG Presents 69: Diegesis and Orange Executives

In augmented episode 69, we're all on top... of the conversation. Our guest is Bandanas, a frequent listener to our show and fellow Xbox gamer of Locke and Felix. We wanted to have him on to discuss Ubisoft Massive's recent release Tom Clancy's The Division. Also, Microsoft announces it wants to play with PC and possibly Playstation (we speculate on the possibilities of cross platform play), Mutants in Manhattan gets a release date, and DVR comes to consoles in some cool ways. Follow Felix, Locke, Carrot and Trip on Twitter. Click like to like the Emergent Gamer on Facebook. Watch and follow Locke, Felix, Trip and Carrot on Twitch. Please subscribe to Felix's Youtube Channel. He's trying to reach 100 subscribers.