Destiny 2

EG Presents 195: It's Magic!

EG Presents 193: End Rant

EG Presents 192: Got the Jacket

EG Presents 191: Bag-Gate


In retracted episode 191, bag-gate is upon us all. Our guest this week is Bruce Grim. He brings his expertise on why Battlefield V is one of the best versions of Battlefield to date. We also talk the mistakes that Bethesda is making with Fallout 76. Felix has a personal problem with Red Dead Online beta. Trip Zero lays it down about Destiny 2's brand new Black Armory. Also, we give our predictions on the Game Awards 2018. Please subscribe where you get your podcasts. Find us on, iTunes, Google Podcasts and Spotify.

EG Presents 189: A Show That Has Content

EG Presents 185: Grounded in Some Kind of Realism

EG Presents 181: Didn't Get the Jacket

EG Presents 176: It's Grim.


In foreboding as hell episode 176, we are joined by our new contributor, Bruce Grim. We never thought we'd talk World of Tanks people! Not only did we get a frequent history lesson, but Grim schools us on some World of Tanks nuggets. Also, is the single player experience dead? Neo looks forward to Dead Cells, Felix has yet another ESO feature to talk about. and Trip is excited to talk about the Destiny 2: Solstice of Heroes. Please follow Emergent Gamer on Twitch and Mixer. Subscribe on iTunes and Youtube. 

EG Presents 175: Hot Takes and Spicy Memes

EG Presents 173: Get Your TV Here

EG Presents 171: Tales from the BoringLands

EG Presents 167: Is This Farming Simulator?

SOD2 EG.jpg

In zed filled episode 167, Felix got the pre-release version of State of Decay 2 and had a chance to play extensively. Addictively. Neo played the free weekend for Rainbow Six: Siege. Trip had a chance to play Destiny 2: Warmind and wanted to update us. Also, Snax the cat is back. This is a remote episode through Discord so bare with us on the audio inconsistencies. As a reminder, join the Emergent Gamer Discord. Please subscribe to Emergent Gamer Podcast on Youtube and iTunes. Like, Comment and Share on Youtube to interact with members of the show. 

EG Presents 164: Come and Join Our West World

EG RDR2.jpg

In encroaching episode 164, Trip, Felix and Neo do a remote episode. We talk mostly the Red Dead 2 trailer, Trip has further updates about the Destiny 2 release next week and Neo completed God of War so Felix and him talk what's amazing about what's shaping up to be a Game of the Year for Sony. Also, our podcast is on youtube so give us a subscribe if you want to listen there. Please write a review on iTunes if you love us or hate us. 

EG Presents 163: We Just Did It To 'Did It.'

EG Presents 162: Feels Real Tight

EG 162.jpg

In tightly developed episode 162, Trip Zero brings us into a discussion about the speculative acquisition of Valve by Microsoft. Also, Locke unpacks some of the finer aspects to Destiny 2 changes in September, Felix is back to streaming and may quit Kingdom Come: Deliverance, Neo checked out the free Ghost Recon weekend with Locke and Trip is continuing his noble quest to complete all Metal Gear games with Metal Gear: Peacewalker. Please subscribe to Emergent Gamer on either iTunes or Youtube. Write a review in iTunes, like, comment and share our content on Youtube. 

EG Presents 140: Watching All Dem Movie-Shows

EG Presents 131: We're Over Here in Right Field Eating Grass

In fielded episode 131, Neo Aoshi returns to host with Locke and Felix. We missed last week, so this is our post 4th of July episode. As always we rehash what we've been playing in the beginning. We also talk Mass Effect Andromeda DLC rumors, PS4 Pro bundle announcements, and about VR exclusivity. Please follow EG on twitter, twitch and instagram. Follow Locke, Felix, Neo and Trip on Twitch. Follow Locke, Felix Neo and Trip on Mixer. Sub Felix on Youtube.

EG Presents 130: Everybody's a Machine from the Future

In supplied episode 130, we look for the demand. Locke and Felix have a chat about the newly announced Super Nintendo Classic Edition. Mainly, they wonder if they will actually be able to get one considering Nintendo is using tired marketing tactics last used to market the Cabbage Patch doll in the 80s. Yes, welcome to our hell. We talk some other things as well and give an update on games we have been playing and want to play upcoming. Please follow EG on Twitter, Instagram and Twitch. Follow Locke, Felix, Neo and Trip on Twitch. Follow Locke, Felix, Neo and Trip on Mixer. Sub Felix on Youtube

EG Presents 126: Overworked and Metacritiqued

In long forgotten episode 126, Trip takes the night off so Felix, Locke and Neo can talk a little. Far Cry 5 gets a weird teaser leading to the trailer release this week, Red Dead 2 gets pushed back, and IO Interactive begins laying people off. Also, Locke talks Lost Odyssey, Felix streamed Injustice 2 and Neo had an opportunity to dig into Prey. Lastly, Locke fills us in on all the new features of Destiny 2, if you happen to be waiting with bated breath. Please write a review on iTunes if you enjoy our show. Follow us on Twitter, Instagram and Twitch. Follow Felix on Mixer and Twitch, Follow Locke on Mixer and Twitch, Follow Trip Zero on Mixer and Twitch and Follow Neo Aoshi on MIxer and Twitch. Please sub Felix on Youtube

EG Presents 120: A Little Side Note

In sidetracked episode 120, Locke returns to talk with Trip Zero and Felix Hergood. We talk a lot of Mass Effect Andromeda and Locke gives his thoughts. Destiny has an update and we speculate about Destiny 2. Also, Scorpio rumors, Microsoft releases a competitive service to Twitch called Trip talks more Nintendo Switch which Felix ignores and Persona 5 is released. Please Follow EG on Twitter, follow on Twitch, and Follow on Instagram. Follow Felix, Locke, Trip and Neo on Twitch. Follow Locke and Felix on as well. Sub Felix on Youtube.