Ghost Recon Wildlands

EG Presents 177: More of the Same

EG Presents 162: Feels Real Tight

EG 162.jpg

In tightly developed episode 162, Trip Zero brings us into a discussion about the speculative acquisition of Valve by Microsoft. Also, Locke unpacks some of the finer aspects to Destiny 2 changes in September, Felix is back to streaming and may quit Kingdom Come: Deliverance, Neo checked out the free Ghost Recon weekend with Locke and Trip is continuing his noble quest to complete all Metal Gear games with Metal Gear: Peacewalker. Please subscribe to Emergent Gamer on either iTunes or Youtube. Write a review in iTunes, like, comment and share our content on Youtube. 

EG Presents 161: You Sold It For Cash

Radical EG.jpg

In radically charged episode 161, Felix, Locke, Trip and Neo gather for a retro palaver. Locke had a chance to play the early access game that Dr. Disrespect was piloting earlier this week: Radical Heights. Felix tried but failed at taking down the Sam Fisher special event in Ghost Recon Wildlands. Trip is still rocking ALL the Metal Gear games. Neo talked his brief return to Warframe. We also talked gaming keyboards, gaming mice, and Spec Ops: The Line, which Locke and Neo have been visiting for the first time. Please subscribe to EG on iTunes and Youtube. Write a review on iTunes. Like, Comment and Share our youtube shows.  

EG Presents 158: Modern Pirates Suck

EG Modern Pirates.jpg

In ham radioed episode 158, Locke, Felix, Trip and Neo are speaking from the far corners of their respective worlds. Locke and Neo continue to PUBG it. Locke had a chance to try Super Mario Odyssey, Felix bought his Avengers Infinity War tickets, Neo started playing a weird game called Human: Fall Flat, and Trip is forced to turn Metal Gear March into Metal Gear April. Please subscribe to the Emergent Gamer on iTunes and Youtube. Like, comment and share our shows. Please write a review in iTunes in order to grow the Emergent community. Join The Emergent Gamer podcast Discord. 

EG Presents 150: Playing on Our TVs like it's 2011

EG Presents 115: Aloy and the Post Future Shart Jam

In post post apocalyptic episode 115, we unpack our shared experience playing the new Horizon Zero Dawn. We all like it... that's a rough estimate. Our guest host is Snax the Cat. Also, Nintendo Switch gets some Indie titles, Neo tries the Ghost Recon: Wildlands beta and pricing strategies change for the VR headsets. Please Follow EG on Twitch, Twitter and Like us on Facebook. Follow Locke, Felix, Trip and Neo on Twitch. Sub Felix's youtube. Please leave review on iTunes if you like our show. 

EG Presents 111: Or as they call it in Japan, Biohazard Biohazard

In by the book episode 111, Snacks the Cat joins Felix and Trip for a massive discussion about Resident Evil Biohazard. Or as they call it in Japan, Biohazard: Biohazard. Snacks gives us the full report on his experience playing RE7. We also have some news points and touch on a little of everything. We also talk Ghost Recon: Wildlands, Marvel and Square Enix talks, and GTA Online patches a known exploit and fans are pissed. Follow Emergent Gamer on Twitch, Follow Emergent Gamer on Twitter, and Follow Emergent Gamer on Instagram. Also follow Felix, Trip, Neo and Locke on Twitch and sub Felix on Youtube