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EG Presents 196: One More Turn...

EG Presents 195: It's Magic!

EG Presents 194: GOTY 2018

In our most captivating topic of the year, we talk the games of the year. This is our subjective approach to delivering what was enjoyable from this past year. Mark our words: this is not what everybody else thought was great. This is our perspective. If you agree with us: great. If you don't agree with us: even better. Here's to 2019. Hoping it will be another great year. Thanks to the devs. Thanks to the fans of Emergent Gamer. Keep listening, folks. Please subscribe to Emergent Gamer Podcast on iTunes, Google Podcast, Spotify, our website and

EG Presents 193: End Rant

EG Presents 192: Got the Jacket

EG Presents 190: The NPCs Literally Were Not Essential

EG Presents 189: A Show That Has Content

EG Presents 188: Playing Against the Grain

EG Presents 185: Grounded in Some Kind of Realism

EG Presents 182: Gonna Let Em Sweat...


In funkdafied episode 182, our crew is whole by the invitation of Diamondjab to the chair instead of Lockeandkey. We talk Destiny 2 Forsaken, of course. Additionally, Felix played the Dead Living Zombies DLC for Far Cry 5. Diamondjab had a lot to say about Ys: VIII: Lacrimosa of Dana and LA Noire on Nintendo Switch. We are a part of the OG Podcasts. Please subscribe at in the Games and Hobbies section, iTunes or Youtube. Follow our hosts on Twitter for updates.

EG Presents 179: Brought to You by OG Podcast Network

EG Presents 178: Battlesloths 2025

EG Presents 176: It's Grim.


In foreboding as hell episode 176, we are joined by our new contributor, Bruce Grim. We never thought we'd talk World of Tanks people! Not only did we get a frequent history lesson, but Grim schools us on some World of Tanks nuggets. Also, is the single player experience dead? Neo looks forward to Dead Cells, Felix has yet another ESO feature to talk about. and Trip is excited to talk about the Destiny 2: Solstice of Heroes. Please follow Emergent Gamer on Twitch and Mixer. Subscribe on iTunes and Youtube. 

EG Presents 175: Hot Takes and Spicy Memes

EG Presents 173: Get Your TV Here

EG Presents 172: Activate that Baby

EG Presents 170: E3 2018

EG Presents 155: Boredom Simulators