EG Presents 168: We're Doing It Live

EG Presents 159: Clusterpuck 99

EG Clusterpuck99.jpg

In couch co-opped episode 159, our guest is, Nick Madonna, the founder of Philadelphia's own PHL Collective. PHL Collective is a game studio comprised of Philadelphia artists and programmers who are passionate about creating unique, bold and exciting titles. Nick joined us this week to talk their latest release, Clusterpuck 99, which released yesterday on Nintendo Switch (also available on Xbox). Please check out the PHL Collective in the links below and on Twitter. Subscribe to the Emergent Gamer Podcast on Youtube and iTunes. Write a review on iTunes. Our podcast can only grow with constant feedback from those that are listening. 

EG Presents 130: Everybody's a Machine from the Future

In supplied episode 130, we look for the demand. Locke and Felix have a chat about the newly announced Super Nintendo Classic Edition. Mainly, they wonder if they will actually be able to get one considering Nintendo is using tired marketing tactics last used to market the Cabbage Patch doll in the 80s. Yes, welcome to our hell. We talk some other things as well and give an update on games we have been playing and want to play upcoming. Please follow EG on Twitter, Instagram and Twitch. Follow Locke, Felix, Neo and Trip on Twitch. Follow Locke, Felix, Neo and Trip on Mixer. Sub Felix on Youtube

EG Presents 129: Salvador Dali, all that and a T-Rex

In belated episode 129, we finally got around to talk Nintendo's E3 presentation, which most of us enjoyed a lot. Our guests are Snax the Cat and Kevin Oats. We talk Nintendo E3, IO Interactive, GTA V drama, and Neo had a chance to play some Stormblood. Please follow Emergent Gamer on Instagram, Twitter and Twitch. Follow Felix, Locke, Trip and Neo on Twitch. Follow Felix, Locke, Trip and Neo on Mixer. Sub Felix on Youtube.

EG Presents 123: Nintendo S@!# Right on Our Chests

In swatted episode 123, Felix is worried about being swatted, Neo doesn't know what it is, and Trip Zero and Kevin Oats are chuckleheads. We talk best safety practices when streaming on the internet, Nintendo's terrible marketing tactics, E3 predictions and Buck Bumble. If you're listening to Emergent Gamer on a regular basis please write a review in iTunes. Follow EG on Twitter, Twitch and Instagram. Follow Felix, Trip, Neo and Locke on Twitch. Follow Locke, Trip and Felix on Beam. Sub Felix on Youtube.

EG Presents 100: One Hundred Floors of Fright

Happy Halloween from Emergent Gamer Podcast! In the cien episode, we explore our past a little bit. Felix gives a take on the new Skyrim Special Edition for Xbox One and PS4, Overwatch gets a TV series, and the Nintendo Switch gets some specs. Please like the Emergent Gamer Podcast on Facebook, Follow on Twitch and Follow on Twitter. Follow Locke, Felix, Neo and Trip Zero on Twitch. Sub Felix on Youtube. Please subscribe to EMTV to hear Locke talk television.

EG Presents 64: As We Sip On Our Clif Bars

Emergent Deadpool.jpg

In regenerative episode 64, we invite Mendte to host and Oates to be our guest. Mendte offers his expansive knowledge of Deadpool as a comic book character. Oates gives us reports about the specifics of playing Splatoon and all things Nintendo. Please like Emergent Gamer Podcast on Facebook. Follow the show @emergent_gamer on twitter. Follow Felix @felixhergood, Locke @locke_key, and Trip @trip_zero on twitter. Please send feedback or concerns to