Video games

EG Presents 126: Overworked and Metacritiqued

In long forgotten episode 126, Trip takes the night off so Felix, Locke and Neo can talk a little. Far Cry 5 gets a weird teaser leading to the trailer release this week, Red Dead 2 gets pushed back, and IO Interactive begins laying people off. Also, Locke talks Lost Odyssey, Felix streamed Injustice 2 and Neo had an opportunity to dig into Prey. Lastly, Locke fills us in on all the new features of Destiny 2, if you happen to be waiting with bated breath. Please write a review on iTunes if you enjoy our show. Follow us on Twitter, Instagram and Twitch. Follow Felix on Mixer and Twitch, Follow Locke on Mixer and Twitch, Follow Trip Zero on Mixer and Twitch and Follow Neo Aoshi on MIxer and Twitch. Please sub Felix on Youtube

EG Presents 125: We're all out of Locke

In Locke-less episode 125, Locke isn't here this week. Instead, Felix, Trip and Neo talk about things without Locke. There's discussion about Square Enix, Nier Automata, Homefront, GTA RP with Justice being spelled EL-F@#$ing-I, and Felix got a chance to play the Gwent Closed Beta. Also, Legend of Zelda may make an appearance on iPhone. Please leave us a review on iTunes even if you don't like our show. Follow us on Twitter, Instagram and Twitch. Follow Felix, Locke, Neo and Trip on Twitch. Also follow Felix, Locke, Neo and Trip on Beam. Sub Felix on Youtube.

EG Presents 111: Or as they call it in Japan, Biohazard Biohazard

In by the book episode 111, Snacks the Cat joins Felix and Trip for a massive discussion about Resident Evil Biohazard. Or as they call it in Japan, Biohazard: Biohazard. Snacks gives us the full report on his experience playing RE7. We also have some news points and touch on a little of everything. We also talk Ghost Recon: Wildlands, Marvel and Square Enix talks, and GTA Online patches a known exploit and fans are pissed. Follow Emergent Gamer on Twitch, Follow Emergent Gamer on Twitter, and Follow Emergent Gamer on Instagram. Also follow Felix, Trip, Neo and Locke on Twitch and sub Felix on Youtube