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EG Presents 180: What a Microcosm

EG Presents 179: Brought to You by OG Podcast Network

EG Presents 170: E3 2018

EG Presents 153: Turning It To AMAZING


In award winning, gaming winning, amazing episode 153, Locke, Felix and Trip 3 man it old school style because Neo is taking a bath. The topics are Red Dead 2 mechanics leaks, Destiny road maps, and DR DISRESPECT'S RETURN TO STREAMING. Locke also talks Bastion, Felix makes his own return to GTA Online and Trip Zero talks about his investment in long overdue Star Citizen. Please write a review in iTunes in order to give feedback positive or negative. After all, infamy is just as great as fame, isn't it? 

EG Presents 149: The Gaga of Gaming

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In eventful episode 149, Locke chimes in on Destiny 2 DLC: Curse of Osiris, Felix talks Battlefield 1 DLC patch, and Neo took thorough notes on both The Game Awards featuring Geoff Keighley and the Playstation PSX event which unveiled a new, super weird Death Stranding trailer. 

EG Presents 148: It's a Little Late for Construction, Sir!

EG Presents 143: No Kids Allowed

EG Presents 141: Let's Go For a Gist

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In not what's on the priced tagged episode 141, Locke is back to continue the discussion we've been having about microtransactions. This week, Shadow of War is still on the hot seat of criticism, but it is now joined by the new Forza game. Locke and Felix make is clear they aren't fans of racing games, but are willing to skewer the business practices of one despite never played it. Also, Neo plays Cuphead, Felix finally starts Bloodborne, and Locke digs into Fortnite Battle Royale mode. Like, comment, share and review the Emergent Gamer Podcast on iTunes. Follow Locke, Neo, Felix and Trip on Twitch. Follow Locke, Neo, Felix and Trip on Twitter. Sub Felix on Youtube. 

EG Presents 139: The Water Looks Weird

EG Presents 138: Destiny 2 Live

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In grinded episode 138, Felix, Locke, and Neo were joined by Trip Zero last Tuesday live on Felix's Twitch account. As you may already know, Trip has been in California these many months, but he wanted to join us so we banded together to coordinate this get together. From the safety of our own homes, we chatted live to an audience of people that support Felix's stream everyday. There were some audio problems, but on the whole the episode seemed to work out well. For future live episodes of Emergent Gamer please follow our show's twitch page: Follow the also on twitter and instagram. Follow Felix of course on Twitch @, Locke @, Neo @ and Trip @ Sub Felix on youtube as well.

EG Presents 137: I've Got No Thumbs to Hold Me Down

EG Presents 132: Different. Not Groundbreakingly Different