EG Presents 170: E3 2018

EG Presents 152: EA Presents: Anthemfield

EG Presents 148: It's a Little Late for Construction, Sir!

EG Presents 147: We're the Greatest Podcast

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In humble episode 147, we are at it again for more pseudo-intellectual high jinks. We primarily analyze the nominees for the upcoming 2017 Game Awards hosted at the Microsoft Theater on December 7, 2017.  However, "the saga continues..." with EA Games crashing and burning this week to the tune of reddit user's complaints. We also talk games we're playing and more. Yes, we're aware the title of this episode is absurd. 

EG Presents 145: Dig Up Them Bones

EG Presents 144: The Band is Back Together

TeamEmmmmsie meets Emergent Gamer

TESOTWFelix EG.jpg

This is not an official Emergent Gamer episode. Look for a live episode of EG this coming Tuesday at https://twitch.tv/felixhergood. The guys will be live doing a Destiny 2 discussion. Then that episode will post next Friday. Instead, a few weeks ago Felix was selected to be stream team TeamEmmmmsie's Streamer of the Week. The SOTW was a privilege for Felix and he is excited every day to help Emergent Gamer become more involved with the folks over at Team Emmmmsie. The interview was hosted by TeamEmmmmsie member Dosrev. You can follow Dosrev at https://twitch.tv/dosrev Please follow Team Emmmmsie on Twitch: https://twitch.tv/teamemmmmsie and on twitter @teamemmmmsie. Follow Felix, Trip, Locke and Neo on Twitch. Sub Felix on Youtube

EG Presents 130: Everybody's a Machine from the Future

In supplied episode 130, we look for the demand. Locke and Felix have a chat about the newly announced Super Nintendo Classic Edition. Mainly, they wonder if they will actually be able to get one considering Nintendo is using tired marketing tactics last used to market the Cabbage Patch doll in the 80s. Yes, welcome to our hell. We talk some other things as well and give an update on games we have been playing and want to play upcoming. Please follow EG on Twitter, Instagram and Twitch. Follow Locke, Felix, Neo and Trip on Twitch. Follow Locke, Felix, Neo and Trip on Mixer. Sub Felix on Youtube

EG Presents 120: A Little Side Note

In sidetracked episode 120, Locke returns to talk with Trip Zero and Felix Hergood. We talk a lot of Mass Effect Andromeda and Locke gives his thoughts. Destiny has an update and we speculate about Destiny 2. Also, Scorpio rumors, Microsoft releases a competitive service to Twitch called Beam.pro. Trip talks more Nintendo Switch which Felix ignores and Persona 5 is released. Please Follow EG on Twitter, follow on Twitch, and Follow on Instagram. Follow Felix, Locke, Trip and Neo on Twitch. Follow Locke and Felix on Beam.pro as well. Sub Felix on Youtube.

EG Presents 118: It's Still Going to Absolutely Infuriate You

In post sabbatical episode 118, Locke N Key is back from a long vacation. At the end of the show we have a detailed discussion about changes coming to Destiny. We also talk Horizon Zero Dawn, Mass Effect Andromeda, and Legend of Zelda. Please Follow EG on Twitch, follow on Twitter and Follow on Instagram. Please like our Facebook Page. Follow Felix, Trip, Locke and Neo Aoshi on Twitch. Sub Felix on Youtube.

EG Presents 116: Playing with Our Joycons

In triforced episode 116, Felix talks a little bit about Horizon Zero Dawn and Neo, Trip and our guest Kevin Oats have a lot to discuss about the Switch. Thank you Kevin and Trip Zero for bringing Nintendo Switches for everyone to play. Please like EG on Facebook, Follow on Twtter, Follow on Twitch and Follow our instagram. Please follow Trip, Locke, Neo and Felix on Twitch. Sub Felix's youtube.

EG Present 98: News, Glorious, News!

In updated episode 98, Neo, Felix and Trip Zero are joined by Flower for a discussion about lots of stuff. Red Dead 2, Diablo 4, 2nd AC trailer, and United Front Games being shut down. Please like the Emergent Gamer Podcast on Facebook, Follow on Twitter and Follow on Twitch. Follow Felix, Trip, Neo and Locke. Sub Felix on Youtube

EG Presents 97: Not Enough Cocoa

In hoodwinked episode 97, our guests are Flower and Jaelous. Check out Jaelous's instagram for pictures of the light sabre work he's done. We mostly unpack Mafia 3 and our thoughts on the claims that it's broken. Also, new SWTOR trailer, KOTOR remastered, PS4 getting Skyrim and Fallout mods with conditions and more. Please like Emergent Gamer Podcast on Facebook, Follow on Twitch and Follow on Twitter. Follow Locke, Felix, Neo and Trip on Twitch. Sub Felix on Youtube. Click the link below to Subscribe on iTunes

EG Presents 57: Merry Christmas from Hideo Kojima

Hideo Kojima image.jpg

In episode Heinz 57, we forgot about Christmas and instead talked a lot about Hideo Kojima. Which is great, but yeah... today is the pagan holiday when Jesus got it started. We thank him for Rudolph, , Egg Nog and Krampus. On the show we talk Hideo Kojima, Australian for gaming, giant spiders and some of our guest's favorite JRPGs. Our guests are Hawq and his twin brother Baldy from Australia who doesn't have an Australian accent at all. Weird. Please like the Emergent Gamer Podcast on facebook. Follow us on twitter @emergent_gamer, @felixhergood, @locke_key, and @trip_zero. Watch our stream at twitch.tv/emergent_gamer

EG Presents 56: Keeping it Wrapped up at the End

EG Presents 55: Printed on Blu Ray, Baby!