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EG Presents 193: End Rant

EG Presents 192: Got the Jacket

EG Presents 191: Bag-Gate


In retracted episode 191, bag-gate is upon us all. Our guest this week is Bruce Grim. He brings his expertise on why Battlefield V is one of the best versions of Battlefield to date. We also talk the mistakes that Bethesda is making with Fallout 76. Felix has a personal problem with Red Dead Online beta. Trip Zero lays it down about Destiny 2's brand new Black Armory. Also, we give our predictions on the Game Awards 2018. Please subscribe where you get your podcasts. Find us on, iTunes, Google Podcasts and Spotify.

EG Presents 190: The NPCs Literally Were Not Essential

EG Presents 187: Murder Was His Name-O

EG Presents 186: It's Haunted

EG Presents 185: Grounded in Some Kind of Realism

EG Presents 183: Putting on the Writs

EG Presents 178: Battlesloths 2025

EG Presents 177: More of the Same

EG Presents 175: Hot Takes and Spicy Memes

EG Presents 174: Nicolas Cage as Nathan Drake

EG Presents 173: Get Your TV Here

EG Presents 172: Activate that Baby

EG Presents 168: We're Doing It Live

EG Presents 166: Cliffy B is Closing This B

EG Presents 165: I Will Not Buy This Game

In three makes a crowd episode 165, Neo leads a discussion about E3 predictions for the forthcoming E3 2018 exhibition in Los Angeles, CA. We talk the companies representing their games this year and speculate on what we think they're going to bring to the show. Please subscribe on iTunes and Youtube. Like, comment and share the show from youtube. Please write a review on iTunes because we need the feedback.

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EG Presents 163: We Just Did It To 'Did It.'

EG Presents 162: Feels Real Tight

EG 162.jpg

In tightly developed episode 162, Trip Zero brings us into a discussion about the speculative acquisition of Valve by Microsoft. Also, Locke unpacks some of the finer aspects to Destiny 2 changes in September, Felix is back to streaming and may quit Kingdom Come: Deliverance, Neo checked out the free Ghost Recon weekend with Locke and Trip is continuing his noble quest to complete all Metal Gear games with Metal Gear: Peacewalker. Please subscribe to Emergent Gamer on either iTunes or Youtube. Write a review in iTunes, like, comment and share our content on Youtube. 

EG Presents 161: You Sold It For Cash

Radical EG.jpg

In radically charged episode 161, Felix, Locke, Trip and Neo gather for a retro palaver. Locke had a chance to play the early access game that Dr. Disrespect was piloting earlier this week: Radical Heights. Felix tried but failed at taking down the Sam Fisher special event in Ghost Recon Wildlands. Trip is still rocking ALL the Metal Gear games. Neo talked his brief return to Warframe. We also talked gaming keyboards, gaming mice, and Spec Ops: The Line, which Locke and Neo have been visiting for the first time. Please subscribe to EG on iTunes and Youtube. Write a review on iTunes. Like, Comment and Share our youtube shows.